How To Write Books That People Will Actually Buy!

One of the biggest mistakes that authors and entrepreneurs make when choosing a topic for the book they want to write is to choose their topic out of thin air or from what they “think” their audience will want to read about. How To Write Books That Sell


It’s no wonder that 95% of books out there don’t sell very well.

Do you want that to be YOUR next book? No, of course not, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen then 🙂

How to write a book that people want to read and BUY:

When planning your next book, you will be ahead of 99% of the other authors and entrepreneurs out there if you specifically research and write on a topic that people are searching for and wanting to read about.

One of the best tools you can use for that is….

Google Trends

Yes, Google Trends is AMAZING. Nobody has more search data than Google and the information they share on Google Trends (when used correctly) is like GOLD! I’m surprised that very few authors use this tool to plan their next Kindle book. My guess is that most people don’t know about this or don’t realize how powerful it can be.

In my video below, I will show you how Google Trends works and how I use it to research and plan my upcoming books as well as books that I work with clients on.


Here is a great example of how you can use the Google Trends Tool For Ebook Research:

Google Trends for Kindle research

Let’s say you were going to write a book about dogs and you were going to research and choose a specific breed of dog to write about. You could use Google Trends to see which breeds are the most searched breeds in the world overall.

Then, you could even kick that up a notch and see what is TRENDING recently. If you were to choose a breed that gets lots of searches AND is trending up for searches recently, you know that you’ve got a great audience who is already searching for information on your topic. You’ve put yourself ahead of most authors who just choose topics out of thin air.

This method works for both Fiction and Non-Fiction. When you write about what people are actively searching for the most, you WILL SELL MORE BOOKS!

P.S. I’ve created a page that will always have the updated list of the most searched for books in the world.


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