Why You Need A Kindle Template

Not having a good Kindle Template can make the difference between a best selling book and a flop


ebook templateIt’s true. There are thousands of books for the Kindle that are improperly formatted, look bad, and just don’t work well with the Kindle device itself and if you put out a book like that, it can not only cost you sales from your poorly formatted book but from any future books that you publish as well.


I am sure you have downloaded and seen poorly formatted books on the Kindle before but just in case, here are some tell tale signs of books on the Kindle that poorly formatted:


  • No Table of Contents
  • Improper formatting of a Table of Contents which prevents the Kindle from jumping to a chapter
  • Pages and Chapters that run into each other (Each chapter should start on it’s own page)
  • No cover or a cover that is the wrong size
  • And there are many more formatting issues as well


With our Kindle Template, you can ensure that you will not be making any of the book killing mistakes above and rest assured that you will have a perfectly formatted book for the Kindle that will look as good (and maybe even better) than New York Times Bestsellers.


With our Kindle Template, you will have perfect formatting every single time and you can use it on all of your current (and future) books! You will have a clickable Table of Contents, chapters and pages that format correctly, and much more. You can have images, text, bullets, numbers, proper size and formatted book covers, author pages, and much more.


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