Why Fake Reviews Are A Very Bad Idea

Many authors are tempted to “buy” fake reviews on Amazon so their book stands out, looks better, and sells more on Amazon. I get it, and I know it’s tempting, especially when you see lots of other dumb misinformed authors doing it.


Here’s the deal…if you buy fake reviews, you are playing with fire but instead of getting a little burned, you could get permanently banned from Amazon. It’s just not worth the risk. I know an author who is an excellent writer and she had a great book she was starting to promote and she bought just 5 fake reviews and ended up getting her entire account banned and can NEVER sell on Amazon again. Is it worth it? No freakin way!

Don’t do it! If you are ever tempted, just hit yourself over the head with your mouse (or some other non sharp object) and remember this post….ok?




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