The Problem With Most Kindle Templates

Ebook Template Unfortunately, I see many authors out there using Kindle Template that aren’t very good or trying to format and publish their book themselves with Microsoft Word. The problem is, that is a HUGE mistake because nine times out of ten, their books end up formatted incorrectly and many times they don’t even realize it.

It took me weeks to create and tweak our Kindle Ebook Template so that it formats and looks perfect on every Kindle device and App. When authors try to do it themselves, or use some cheap imitation template, they end up with something that usually LOOKS “ok” in Microsoft Word but is riddled with formatting errors when viewed on a Kindle.

In my experience, most authors do not check their formatting on an actual Kindle device before publishing their book. This is a HUGE mistake! Your book could look perfect in Word and perfect in the Amazon Kindle Previewer but still look awful on the Kindle. When you want to put an Ebook on the Kindle, it’s a definite must to check the format on an actual Kindle before publishing to ensure you don’t ruin your book.

One of the key reasons that authors get bad reviews on Amazon (even when their content is great) is when their Table Of Contents is not properly formatted and most importantly, “clickable”. This is where almost every other Template and method on the market fails you and the worst part is, you won’t even realize it until you see it on the Kindle yourself.

Do yourself a huge favor…you work very hard to write books and spend many, many hours pouring your heart and soul into it…don’t throw it all away by publishing a book riddled with formatting mistakes that will cost you sales and give you bad reviews.

The good news is, if you use our Microsoft Word Ebook Template, you are guaranteed to have a perfectly formatted book on every Kindle device and App, every single time.


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