Resizing Kindle Images

One common mistake that many self published authors make is having images that are too large for the Kindle screen. It can be tricky because the image can look perfect inside the Microsoft Word document but that same image could be chopped up, look awful on the Kindle, and ruin the formatting of your entire book.


Optimum Maximum Image Size For The Kindle:

The largest your image should be, in order to not get cut off and not cause formatting issues is: 6.25″ wide x 8.33″ tall, and that is if you would  like it to be on a full page with nothing else on that page.

How To Identify Your Image Size In Microsoft Word:

Remember, you can’t tell if your image will be too large for the Kindle screen just by viewing it on the Word page, you need to know the image dimensions to be sure. There are various ways to get (and change) your image dimensions outside of Word, and I’ve covered them in previous blog posts, so in this example, I will show you how to identify and change the image size right from within our Kindle Template for Word.

To identify the size of an image, right click on that image and select “format picture”. That loads the image formatting section which will look similar to this:

Kindle Template For Word

It’s important to select the right tab so at the top of the “Format Picture” area, make sure to click on the tab that says “Size”. In the example above, the image I selected took up less than a full page in Microsoft Word so it looked “right”, but in looking at the image dimensions, I see it’s 6.93″ wide x 9.24″ tall. If we were to publish this book on the Kindle with this image at that size, it would be cut off, show up on multiple pages, and mess up the formatting of our book. Of course we don’t want that do we?

How To Re-Size Kindle Images In Word:

Now that we know our image size, and that it’s too large for the Kindle, we need to size it down. If you want it to be on the full screen of the Kindle, you can have the maximum size be 6.25″ wide x 8.33″ tall. If you have other text on the page or you would just like the image smaller, you can size it as small as you would like, just don’t go larger than that.

Here is how to re-size the image:

Resizing Kindle Images

Looking at the image above, all I needed to do was to adjust the height down to 48% (the 1st red arrow) and because I made sure that the “Lock aspect ratio” was checked, which I recommend, the width automatically adjusted as well. Locking the aspect ratio will ensure that your picture will look right when you size it down.

Looking at the yellow circle in the image above, you can see that I was able to size the image down to 6.25″ x 8.33″ which will look and format perfectly on the Kindle. Remember, you don’t need to have full page images on the Kindle, you can size your images much smaller as well.

Once you have re-sized your image, just click “OK” and you are all set.


 If you would like to watch this done on video, I did a screencast that you can watch below:

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3 Responses to Resizing Kindle Images

  1. scott September 23, 2015 at 5:30 pm #

    Just wrote you a question and now I have another. After looking at some of your blog posts it seems you are able to insert tables, graphics, images and other creative elements to make the ebook stand out from the plain old template. I’m aware that we want my ebook to be shown well on a variety of devices (kindle being primary) but all I’m reading says dont put a lot of stuff in the book that will mess with the text. I’m thinking of doing a series of 12 books – 1 per month and was wondering if we could create a template that would make my books look more like a magazine – with creative features (I like the interactive quiz idea you demonstrated). I want my books to be “ToolKits” where the reader is engaged with the content and inspired to send me answers to questions I pose in the ebook. I know kindle has strict rules…but I thought if anyone would know how to optimize the look it would be you. How about a textbook template? Or, does that put my book in an unpopular sales category? BookBlurb has a emag template that is kindla like I was thinking about. One more thing, if we partner together can we make my kindle books usable with an udemy course (online course platform)? I read somewhere kindle doesnt want you reproducing the exact text elsewhere but there must be a creative way to make this happen. Very excited to find you online. I have self published “Winning at Work” on Amazon several years ago but it didnt sell. Now my niche is self help, Christian living and mental health (depression/anxiety). My long term vision is to have this library of books with courses that correspond to the content, counseling/coaching clients that come to me for expert advice and a long term loyal following of people who have had their lives improved by something I had the hand in creating/sharing. I’m just starting out now, so I dont have a website, blog or mailing list. But my passion to help people enrich their lives superceedes everything……and this core value will help me find the right partner/vendor(s) to join my team in this effort.

  2. robert sadler January 22, 2016 at 8:22 am #

    Will this method work in the Open Office template?
    Also what is your thoughts on the ideal font for kindle, and optimum font size?

    • Admin January 22, 2016 at 10:28 am #

      Yes, this also works in the Open Office Template. In terms of the font, there really is not an ideal font for the Kindle because regardless of what font you use, the font that shows up on the Kindle (or Kindle App) is the font that the reader chooses as their default font on their Kindle device.

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