How To Resize Images To Fit On The Kindle

Resizing Images For The KindleWe get lots of question about sizing images for the Kindle and how to resize images to fit on the Kindle so I thought I would do a blog post and video to show you exactly how it’s done and how you can create perfectly sized images for your Kindle Ebooks.

Let’s start off with the maximum Kindle image dimensions. The largest an image can be on the Kindle is 600 pixels wide x 800 pixels high. In inches, that is 6.25″ x 8.33″ so you should absolutely never put an image into your Ebook that is wider than 600 pixels or taller than 800 pixels. 

If the images you want to use are too big, you can resize them and make them smaller to fit on the Kindle screen. In the video below, I show you two different methods of quickly resizing your images for the Kindle.


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  1. Patricia March 1, 2012 at 8:42 am #

    That was just fantastic!!!

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