New Open Office Ebook Kindle Template

Open Office Kindle Ebook Template With our Kindle Ebook Template being so successful, we have had many requests over the past year to create a Kindle Template for Open Office since not everyone has Microsoft Word and Open Office is a very popular program that is 100% free.

After getting enough requests, we finally went ahead and created our Open Office Kindle Ebook Template. It has all of the same awesome features that our Word Kindle Template.

Yes, Our Open Office Ebook Template Has:

  • Perfect formats on every Kindle device and App
  • Fully clickable and linked Table of Contents and Hyperlinks
  • Images
  • Lots of text options and alignment
  • Plenty of step by step videos that make it super easy to use
  • And much more


If you want to see a preview of the Template and how the formatting looks on the Kindle Previewer, take a look at our short video below:

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2 Responses to New Open Office Ebook Kindle Template

  1. Craig Busch May 8, 2012 at 12:18 am #

    Thanks for responding quickly. I downloaded Open Office on my Mac. I had been using NeoOffice thinking it was the Mac version of Open Office. Anyway, I have Open Office on my Mac now.
    For clarification, the Open Office Template for Mac that you have has every feature of the Word Template for Mac?
    Does the Mac template have all of the features of the Windows template?
    Have you already produced all the videos on how to do this for Open Office Mac, the same as for Windows PCs?

    Thank you

    • Admin May 8, 2012 at 8:57 am #

      Yes, our Open Office Template has every feature that the Word Template has. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you use a PC or Mac, all the features of the Template are the same and yes, all of the videos are done and waiting for you!

      Thanks for the questions, let me know if you have more.


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