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Introducing The Best Kept Secret To Getting Perfectly Formatted Books On The Kindle… Just Like A New York Times Bestseller!



The Amazon Kindle is hot right now and thousands of people want to write a book and put it on the Amazon Kindle store but they don’t know how or worse, they do it WRONG.


Our Microsoft Word Kindle Ebook Template And Videos Will Allow You To Create Perfectly Formatted Kindle Books Quickly And Easily!


There are various methods out there for converting your document to a Kindle ebook but most of them have WAY too many steps or end up giving you an ebook that doesn’t look very good.


Our Kindle Ebook Template, along with Microsoft Word, are the ONLY things that you need to create books that look just as good (or even better) than New York Times Bestsellers! Join thousands of other authors who have discovered how to get perfectly formatted books on the Kindle.

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One Time $87 With FREE Lifetime Updates!


I recently looked at one solution for converting your text to Kindle format and there were literally 10 different steps and 3 different programs to use! It was difficult AND time consuming and didn’t even work very well in the end.

When using our Kindle Ebook Template, all you do is drop your text into our Microsoft Word Kindle Template and then upload to Amazon. It’s really THAT simple! There are no other programs to use, nothing complicated, and I walk you through the process with step by step videos as well.


Our Kindle Ebook Template Has:


    • Proper Alignment
    • Headers
    • Page Breaks
    • Images
    • Bullets
    • Numbers
    • Standard Text
    • Table Of Contents – And “Clickable” Table Of Contents (This is rare, many so called Kindle Templates don’t have this)
    • Step-By-Step Videos
    • Set Your Start Or Opening Page
    • And Much More!


Our Template Also Creates Perfect Formats For The Brand New Kindle Fire!


WARNING: A Poorly Formatted Book Will Hurt You

Many people get excited about just getting their book up on the Amazon Kindle store but the fact is, if your book is poorly formatted you will either get lots of quick returns, negative comments, or most likely BOTH, which will kill your sales.




After placing your order, you will IMMEDIATELY receive our Microsoft Word Kindle Ebook Template, which is a Word file that is compatible with all versions of Word. You will also receive access to all of our step by step training videos and you could have your Ebook completed today!


Template UPDATED – March 2014 – We are always updating and improving our template and videos (you get free updates) and we just had another update this month!


Want To See More? Watch Me Convert A Book And Upload To Amazon In Minutes!



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4 Responses to Kindle Template

  1. C Caton May 15, 2016 at 7:56 am #

    I just watched your youtube video about adding interactive quizzes to my kindle book. Before I order your program I have several questions…

    1. Do I need your program in order to do this?
    2. If so is this the program for $87.00?
    3. How do I upload this interactive quiz to kindle?
    4. Is it part of my original word doc?


    • Admin May 15, 2016 at 8:40 am #

      Hi, thanks for the excellent questions.

      1. Do I need your program in order to do this? – Yes.

      2. If so is this the program $87? – Yes, you can do this within our Kindle Template which is the $87 program.

      3. How do I upload this quiz to kindle? – The quiz will actually be in your ebook file within our Template, which is a Word document that gets uploaded to Amazon.

      4. Is it part of my original word doc? – Yes, exactly.

      Thank you.

  2. Saman Vithanage December 12, 2017 at 12:18 pm #

    Paul, where is the download link?


    Order Number: GR5JEKGS
    Order Date: 04/22/2013 9:23 AM PDT
    Customer Name: saman vithanage

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