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If you don't already have this Microsoft Word Kindle Template, I highly recommend it. Self publishing couldn't be any easier!

Kindle Template For Word

Kindle Template For Word Many people ask me about what software they should use to create and publish their Kindle books with and most of them are surprised when I tell them that Microsoft Word is actually the BEST way to get perfectly formatted books on the Kindle (when used properly).

In fact, we created our Kindle Template for Word because it was the ONLY option that actually worked perfectly and trust me, we tried them all.

If Word is so perfect, why does someone even need our Kindle Template?

I’m glad you asked 🙂 because this is where most people get very messed up. You see, it literally took us over 3 months of trial and error (a few years ago) working with Word to find all of the right settings, styles, and what worked and what didn’t. It’s tricky because your book could look PERFECT in Microsoft Word, but look awful and be formatted really bad on the Kindle.

That is where our Template comes in. We’ve already done all the hard work and testing for you. We know the exact styles to use and which ones not to use. In fact, you could literally ruin the formatting of your entire book with just one keystroke and you wouldn’t even know it…until you saw your book on the Kindle, which would be poorly formatted and costing you money and bad reviews.

Our Kindle Template for Microsoft Word includes not only the Template with all of our settings and styles custom built in, but step-by-step videos showing you exactly what to do and how to do it (for those of you who are more visual).

Misconceptions About Kindle Ebooks And Word

You can’t have click-able links – FALSE! You can absolutely have click-able links

You can’t have a click-able Table of Contents – FALSE again! Our Template has a click-able, working Table of Contents built right in

You can’t have images in your Kindle book when using Word – FALSE. Not only can you have images but we’ve had some authors do children’s pictures books with nothing BUT images!

You need to save in weird formats and/or use other programs to convert your Kindle book – FALSE once again! When using our Template, ALL you need is Microsoft Word. No saving in weird formats or using other programs to convert it. This is the quickest, easiest, and best way to create and publish your book on the Kindle hands down.

If you don’t already have our Kindle Template, maybe it’s time to join thousands of other authors that are publishing perfectly formatted books. Between the time savings, increase in sales and positive reviews, it’s WELL worth it.

If you already have our Template you should definitely check out our new Affordable Kindle Book Covers.





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