Kindle Book Cover Graphic Tricks

Since we create Pre-Made Kindle Book Covers and also have a Course on how to make your own ebook covers, we get lots of questions about graphics and how to do certain things. The most common question we get is how can you cut something out of one image, and place it in another image.

For example, in the image below, I’ll cut one of the pumpkins out:

Kindle book cover graphic tricks


Now that we’ve cut that pumpkin out, we can use it in a completely different image, even on an Ebook cover! Here is an example:


If you haven’t guessed, the woman in this image was NOT originally holding a big pumpkin lol. In fact, there was no pumpkin in this image at all:

ebook cover graphics

I was able to paste the pumpkin in there with a totally clear and transparent background and make it look like it was there to begin with!

How did I do it?

With a little help from my favorite graphics software program – Photoshop Elements and a few tricks with the quick selection tool. You can also use a free image editor like Gimp.

This Kindle Book Cover Graphics trick is a great way to get that PERFECT look for your book covers. You can see exactly how I do it by watching my new video below:

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