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If you want to put a book on the Kindle, using this Word Template is the easiest and best way to make it happen. You get perfect formatting on every Kindle device and app as well as clickable links and a fully clickable Table of Contents. You can choose the page your book opens to, add images, and more!

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a great week. It’s Wednesday night and I am writing this from my local Starbucks with coffee in hand. Please make sure and read ALL of this blog post because there are lots of important updates and a GIFT for you as well.


Update 1 – Major Update To Our Kindle Template

We have just updated our Kindle Template to reflect the recent changes that Amazon has made. The book cover for example, should no longer be included within the book file but uploaded completely separate. In addition, I created more custom styles for different indents and more options. There is even a new “Fiction Style” which many people have been asking for.

While I believe that we have had the best Kindle Template in the world, it’s even better now and you get the updates without spending another penny.


Update 2 – All New Kindle Template Step By Step Videos

We recorded new step-by-step videos in full HD mode and with professional recording equipment. In addition to covering all of the latest tips on using the Template, the videos look and sound better than ever. 


Update 3 – New Layout To The Kindle Template Members Area – Faster & Better

When we first launched our Kindle Template about 2 years ago, there were just a few videos. As time went on and Amazon made changes and the Template got more powerful, we kept adding videos showing you how to get the most out of the Template.

Because of the number of helpful videos we now have, the Members page would tend to load a little slow for some people so we re-designed the Members page to make it look better, load much faster, and be more efficient for everyone. 


Update 4 – New Branding (Authors Insider Club) & More Services For Authors Coming Soon

This one is going to be HUGE! For over 2 years, we have provided the best way for authors to create perfectly formatted books on the Kindle but many of the questions we get asked the most from authors (and small biz people who write) is about marketing their books, how they can build their author “brand”, what their websites and blogs should look like, social media, etc. 

Because of this, we are re-branding from a Kindle Template website to a complete Supersite For Authors which will offer lots of helpful services (in addition to our now world famous Kindle Template).

We can build you a website or blog, create Ebook trailer videos for you, critique your sales or author page, consult with you on marketing and selling more books, social media, branding, and much more.


Below Is A List Of Our Products & Services That Will Be Available Soon:


  • Book Cover Template & Training
  • Book Cover Creation Service
  • Creating Landing/Lead Gen Pages
  • Creating Author Blogs/Websites/Social Media
  • Author Promoting & Branding
  • How To Sell More Books
  • How To Get More (Positive) Book Reviews
  • Website/Social Media/Branding Critiques
  • Ebook Trailer Videos
  • Marketing & Promotion Strategies
  • Webinars
  • Book Critiques – formatting, sales, etc.
  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Kindle Template
  • And much more!


Many of the services above will be offered in two different options/formats:


  • We can teach you how to do it yourself and give you the Templates/Videos/Training/Resources to make it happen.
  • Done for you services…We can create/do it for you.


Make sure to check the Members Page often (and watch for emails!) because when we start rolling out these other products and services, we might just give a few out for free (for the first couple of people to grab them) and/or heavily discounted for the first couple of days.


We have re-branded to “Authors Insider Club” but will also be keeping the Ebook Templates 101 domain name as well so you will see both on the site.


Update 5 – New Help Desk

We have implemented a new full-featured Help Desk that will make getting in touch with us (and getting help) quick and easy for you. While the old way (email) was working good, emails can fall through the cracks and we pride ourselves in having excellent customer service so we decided to “up our game” and use a real Help Desk.



Update 6 – Your Gift

Note: There are lots of important changes so if you skipped everything above to see what your gift is (shame on you!), make sure you read the important stuff above too!


Because of feedback from our awesome customers, we created a PDF “cheat sheet” that summarizes the steps and important points of using our Template and publishing your book on the Kindle. This is going to be sold as an add-on option for all new customers who purchase the Template but existing customers get it at no charge 🙂


To grab the cheat sheet, just login to the new Members Page and click on the button that says “Bonuses”.


P.S. Watch your email because I am working on a few other goodies for you, one of which is a Kindle Royalties Calculator that will make it easy to calculate royalties based on book price and which royalty level you choose.




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