How To Write A Best Selling Book Even If You Suck At Writing

How To Write A Kindle Book It’s no secret that having a book (or books) on Kindle is a great way to make more money and build your brand as an author and/or business but what about those people who hate to write?

If you hate writing or you’re not very good at it, I’ve got some great news for you…

It’s still possible, and even easy, to write a best selling book on the Kindle!


How To Make It Happen

What you can do is “speak” your book and then have someone transcribe and edit the audio file into text format which you can then pop into our world famous Kindle Template and you end up with your very own perfectly formatted Kindle book ready to go!

Don’t discount or overlook this method of writing books because there have been MANY best selling books created this way. You don’t have to be a writer to make it happen.


The “Tech” Details

All you need is your computer, a microphone, and a free audio app!

Whether you are on a PC or a Mac, you can use a free, open source audio program called “Audacity”. 

Once you have loaded up Audacity, make sure and select your microphone in the program settings and you can start “speaking your book”. I’d recommend outlining your chapters first and then recording each chapter, one by one.

Don’t worry about the “ummms” and “ahhhs” and fluff that you might naturally say…you can have the editors take all that stuff out.


For non-writers, this method is the perfect way to write your own book. Trust me, it is VERY worth it 🙂


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