How To Upload Or Replace Kindle Book Covers On Amazon

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make with their book covers on the Kindle is putting their cover inside their book file, Word document, etc. Doing that will cause 2 covers to show up (a duplicate) and mess up your formatting so it’s no good!

In this post and video, I’ll be showing you the correct way to upload your Kindle book covers. It’s easy and the video below will cover 2 different ways of doing it:

  1. How to upload your book cover on the Kindle for a brand new book
  2. How to replace a book cover on a Kindle book that is already published


If Your Book Isn’t Selling Well, Trying Re-Publishing With A New Book Cover

One of the most frequent book cover questions we get asked is “How do I replace a book cover on a book that is already published on the Kindle?” I answer that question and show you how to do it in the video below so whether you are publishing a brand new book or wanting to replace a cover on an existing already published book, we have you “covered” lol!


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