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 Why Every Author Should Have A Blog

Everyone has a blog these days and blogs are the same thing as “websites”. Every author absolutely needs to have a blog, without question. Your blog is how you build your author “brand” and communicate with your readers and potential audience, give away teasers for your upcoming books, and build a fan base.

Sadly, most author blogs are not very good and end up costing the author lots of potential sales and fans.


Why Bluehost?

I use Bluehost for many of my blogs and I partnered with them to bring this amazing free blog setup deal to you because I think they are the absolute best webhost in the business. I trust them and they have never let me down. Also, they have the lowest and best prices for website hosting available as well so that is never a bad thing.

In addition, with just ONE Bluehost account, you can install unlimited domains (or have us do it for you), get 24 hour support, and they also have a 99% uptime guarantee. I’ve actually never had a Bluehost hosted site go down EVER, so no worries there!



What You Get:

    • We will install your new WordPress Blog and a Premium Theme from Woo Themes ($75-$100 theme value)
    • We also configure the blog and install and configure the most important WordPress plugins for your blog
    • Free Domain Name for 1 year ($10 value)
    • Sidebar setup with social media links (if wanted)
    • Free video on the basics of blog posting, categories and tags, etc.


It’s Easy! Here Is How It Works:




Free Bluehost Author Blog

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:



Is It Really FREE? If So, Why And How?!!

Our service is absolutely 100% free! We have a special partnership with Bluehost that pays us a small commission for your signup which allows us to at least cover our time for installing your blog. This way, we get to help you and everybody wins! You never pay us a dime…this works because you purchase through our Bluehost link.

 Why Are You Doing This?

Simple…because we are good at it, we can do it quickly, and I love helping other authors and potential authors. I am not doing this for the money, I love making a difference.

 What If I Already Have A Website/Blog/Domain Name?

No problem at all, once you sign up for Bluehost, we can transfer your domain name to your new Bluehost hosting account and setup your new blog on your current domain name if you would like. If not, you can take advantage of the free domain name for a year.

How Long Does It Take?

We have built well over 1,000 websites and blogs and can do this very quickly. We will normally have this done for you within a week, many times MUCH sooner.

Who Owns The Blog?

You own the hosting account, blog, domain name, everything. All we do is install and set it up for you, this is all yours.

 How Do I Get This Started?

It’s quick and easy. Simply click here to sign up for a Bluehost hosting package and email us your information by using this contact us link. We will get back to you within 24 hours and get started on your new blog!


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