Coaching & Consulting

From time to time, I take on coaching clients but only on a VERY limited basis. I can help you sell more books, build your author brand, create or optimize your website, blog, and social media, market your books, promote yourself as an author, speaker, or expert, and much more.

If you are interested in coaching, please click here to contact me (open a new ticket) and let’s talk.

Limited Time Only:

I am offering a FREE 15 minute coaching call where we can discuss anything related to marketing, formatting, publishing your book, and building your author brand. I can even review your author blog, social media, or “About Me” page in your book.

Because time is always limited. I can only do a certain amount of these free consultations so once I fill up, I’ll have to close the doors on this free offer. Contact me today to schedule your call.


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