Amazon Announces New Kindle Fire Tablet

You have probably heard by now but if not, Amazon announced it’s new line of Kindle’s today at a Press Conference in New York and this is HUGE for authors!

I won’t cover all of the awesome details here but I did want to comment about a few things from this new announcement.

Game Changer – Kindle Fire
While all of the new Kindles are cool and will sell really well, the new Kindle Fire Tablet is going to be a game changer.

The Kindle Fire is a Tablet under $200 that is multi touch, full color, great size (7″), has apps, music, plays video, movies, TV shows, reads pdf’s and Word documents, has email, internet (via wifi), free cloud storage, and much more.

There are tens of thousands of people who have wanted a tablet but didn’t want to spend $500 on an iPad and they now have an amazing tablet option for only $199.

What does that mean for us authors? A LOT. It means that there will be tens of thousands of new people buying Kindle Ebooks that never have before. It also means that pictures, color, graphics, and cover art in our books will come alive on this Tablet and sales of your books will go up.

Formatting has always been super important but it’s even more important now. With different Kindle readers and devices, as well as a full color tablet, the options and opportunities for creating amazing content on the Kindle are limitless.

In addition to the Kindle Fire Tablet, Amazon also introduced a new Kindle Touch with multi touch and no keyboard and lowered the price of the regular Kindle to only $79.

We have you covered! Don’t worry, we have already Pre-Ordered the Kindle Fire Tablet and will have plenty of tips and information specifically for the Kindle Fire Tablet once we receive it and start playing with it. We will also be creating a Kindle Template specifically for the Kindle Fire Tablet so you can have perfectly formatted books on EVERY Kindle device!

The new Kindle Fire’s come out in mid to late November so if you are on the edge of completing any books, now is this time to do it because I think there will be a huge sales surge in December.


If you have any questions, let us know.

Happy writing!

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