3 Keys To A Perfect Book Cover For The Kindle

3 Keys To A Perfect Kindle Book CoverI’ve received lots of emails and questions about Kindle book covers lately. Many authors are confused about what size their book covers should be, whether they should be inside of their book file, and what format it needs to be in.

Because of this, I created a quick 3 minute video answering all of these questions and showing you the 3 keys to perfect book covers on the Kindle.

Note: These are the 3 foundation keys you need…graphics and design are something different and we will cover that in another video.

Here is the video…


For those that would rather read the 3 keys, here they are:

1. Upload your book cover separately. This is very important. You used to actually put your book cover inside your Kindle book file but Amazon changed that a long time ago. Now, you upload the cover on the Kindle Publishing area and it does NOT go inside your book file. We have a video showing you how and where to upload your book cover to Amazon right here.

2. If you are creating the book cover yourself, make sure and save it in the JPEG format, otherwise known as .jpeg or .jpg

3. Book Cover Size – This is the question that gets asked the most. What size should your Kindle book cover be?

Amazon recommends a book cover size of: 1563 pixels wide X 2500 pixels tall. This will give you a very high quality book cover image that will look great on your Amazon sales page AND Amazon will automatically convert it and place it inside your book as well.

For reference, here are the current Amazon Book Cover guidelines.


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