2016 Kindle Template

2016 Kindle TemplateIf you are looking for a 2016 Kindle Template, you have come to the right place. We have been the #1 self publishing Kindle Template website for years, and our goal is to help as many people share their message with the world as possible.

Our Kindle Template for Microsoft Word or Open Office allows you to create an unlimited amount of books that are perfectly formatted for the Kindle. Many people assume they can just write their book and upload it to Amazon, but without proper formatting, the end results ends up looking really bad which causes negative reviews and can kill your book sales as well. Don’t let that be you.

We have updated our Kindle Template for 2016 and we always keep it up to date. It’s the perfect (and best!) formatting tool for the Kindle.

You’ll be able to get perfectly formatted ebooks, including having a clickable Table of Contents, bullets, images, and other formatting options. In addition, we have step-by-step videos showing you exactly how to use it.

Make 2016 the year you start publishing books on Amazon and use our Kindle Template to get perfectly formatted books, every single time.


1 time price of $87 – Includes FREE updates!


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